Personality Award GNTM 2022 (May) Get Detailed Information!

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Personality Award GNTM 2022

Personality Award GNTM 2022: In This article, “Germany’s Next Top Model 2022” looks to ask the public which of the six nominees should win the annual personality award from a newfangled website that lets viewers vote for their favorite.

History of the Personality Award GNTM 2022

The Berlin-based Next Top Model (NTM) cast will soon be looking for a new GNTM Personality of the Year nominee. Who should it be? The NTM casting team is seeking nominations for their fourth annual award.

The GNTM Personality of the Year award has been given to models like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner over the course of its three-year history.

So, who should be nominated for this prestigious award in 2018? Nominees could come from any model category, as there are no specific qualifications tied to being nominated for the GNTM Personality of the Year award.

Personality Award GNTM 2022
Personality Award GNTM 2022

However, certain nominees have emerged as front-runners over time. Some past nominees include Hailey Baldwin, Behati Prinsloo and Karlie Kloss. It’s up to the NTM casting team to decide who they deem to be the best candidate for this prestigious award.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the fourth annual GNTM Personality of the Year award is January 31st, so hurry and nominate your favorite model!

What Makes a Personality Award GNTM 2022 Contestant Good?

So, what makes a contestant good for a Personality Award GNTM 2022 nomination? First and foremost, it seems that the person must be able to really engage with their fans and be very vocal about their own journey and experiences on the show.

Additionally, it seems that contestants must also be able to bring energy and excitement to the stage each night – no matter who is voting! Last but not least, it seems that contestants must have a strong work ethic, as the GNTM shows require a lot from its contestants.

The nomination for the GNTM personality of the year is looking for acandidate who can represent Berlin with pride! Whoever wins will surely have the entire city rooting for them!

So, who should the city’s next top model be? Here’s a little bit about the nominee: + They’re young and hip (woohoo for millennials!) + They have charisma and a natural talent for modeling + They’re down-to-earth and easy to get along with + They’re eco-friendly and supportive of Berlin’s sustainable initiatives


With the cycle of BNTM airing coming to an end and all the new faces that have come out of it, it’s time for the next Top Model installment.

Although there has yet to be a final decision made about who will take on the role during this comeback season, we’ve got a few candidates in mind.

After all, with all of those amazing looks and talents flooding onto social media platforms these days, who better to represent Berlin than someone with a bit of personality?

If you’re anything like us, you’re eager to see who makes it through to the end! So who do you think deserves recognition from our city? Let us know in the comments below!

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