Petpet Generator 🌞 (Github) Discover & Share GIFs!

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We are all using a GIF to show the fun side and add emotion to the messages. GIFs are just like typical images but have a motion to them. Different types of GIFs available are easy to share and very interesting. It is found that using GIFs in content or through social media is very effective. But have you ever thought to create your GIF? If not, they try out the Petpet Generator.

It is a tool that helps to create your GIF with the help of your image. The device is compatible with all browsers and is free to use. So, let’s look more at using and downloading GIFs using the PetPet generator.

What is a PetPet generator?

PetPet generator is a GIF creating tool where users can upload the image to create the GIF. It gives users an option to make the conversation enjoyable by their GIF instead of common ones.

Petpet Generator

The tool takes hardly 2 mins to create a GIF, and it is free of cost. One needs to upload an image and wait for a minute to get the GIF. The tool is for fun and entertainment, so the GIFs created are easy to download and even shareable with friends.

It is quite an eyas to use the tool, and so everyone can give it a try and create the GIF by uploading any image. There is no limitation on the number of GIFs to be made, so have fun and bring out the creativity by creating GIFs of your choice.

How to create the GIF?

If you are looking to create Gif using your image, follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit to create the GIF. 
  • Upload the image from the gallery to create the GIF. It is advisable to have the image with transparent background to have a perfect GIF.
  • GIF is created once you upload the image, whose preview is visible next to the image.
  • There is an option to adjust mode, size, squash, and speed so that users can change the GIF based on their requirements.
  • Lastly, if you are happy with the GIF, click on the export to download GIF on your device.
  • The downloaded GIF is easy to share with friends and family through messages or social media platforms.


  • PetPet generator is free to use.
  • The GIF generator is compatible with all browsers and devices. SO, you can use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to access the tool and create the GIF.
  • It does not require registering or sharing personal details to create or download the GIF.
  • The tool has various options to adjust the create GIF. It also creates the preview, and based on it; users can download it to share with others.
  • It is a fun tool where users can create GIFs of the images uploaded.


Are generated GIFs shareable?

Yes, the GIFs created using the PetPet generator are free to download. Once the GIF is created, there is an option to “export” and share it with friends and family.

Is PetPet generator free?

Yes, the PetPet generator is free to use. There is no need to pay anything or register to use the tool. It is easy to create GIFs using the tool and thus entertain friends by sharing them.


In all, the PetPet generator is one of the best tools to create GIFs. The generator does not need users to register or pay anything to create GIFs. Users are free to upload images and even have the option to adjust the GIF. So, if you are too willing to create a GIF of your images, try out the PetPet generator and have fun.

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