Pokeplaylist Herokuapp (2022) All About The Spotify & Apple Music!

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Pokeplaylist Herokuapp is a fantastic website, most people compare pokeplaylist with Spotify, but they all are wrong because pokeplaylist has several different features, making it different from Spotify.

Pokeplaylist helps to create your list, which consists of three artists within all times, 6 months and 1 month, and make Pokemon cards out of them. The poke playlist website helps you judge your music test, take the taste, and share your result.

This website also helps the listener to place their Spotify data. Because of its unique features, this website is accessed by many people.

What is Pokeplaylist Herokuapp?

Matt ognibene created Pokeplaylist Herokuapp. With the help of this website, the listener can keep their Spotify data on this website, and in return, this website helps the listener create Pokemon cards for the most played artists.

Apart from this website, no one asks the listener for a Pokemon card to indicate music taste, but this website helps the listener describe their musical taste.

The creator of this website said that the inspiration for creating this website was inspired by a Frank ocean fan who made Pokemon cards for Frank’s album, so from there, he took the idea and started making the process of this website.

Pokeplaylist Herokuapp
Pokeplaylist Herokuapp

Pokeplaylist Herokuapp helps to originate the listener’s top 3 artists and create cards. Instead of looking at the cards Pokemon types, the listener will see the genre the cast comes from. And these cards help to deliver the artist’s hit albums, their Spotify popular rank, and their number of followers.

Listeners also have the opportunity to make their top performance for all time last 6 months and last month’s cards. It is the most entertaining method to keep track of your musical taste and what you have been watching lately.

But if the listeners belong to the cynical category, then it will feel like a bunch of Pokemon cards are cyberbullying listeners and their music taste.

It is a little bit difficult to understand the criteria of this website, but with the help of an example, the listener can easily understand like-

Suppose in August; The listener will go back to listen to a trap wonder kind of open mike eagle. But the other two artists screen white art school kit with synth-pop that’s future Island and indie sellout Coldplay. So because of this website, the listener will not remember listening to that much Coldplay this month.

For the past six months, some listeners’ top performers are tribes called Quest, the National, and Taylor Shift. These two artists have come in the category no one will recognize in the same festival line of acceptance for the national and Taylor Swift.

Although, these top three artists of all time speak a lot. But this website provides listeners with many thinks like art-punk legends, talking heads, folk daddy iron, and wine and sad indie that’s the national again.

Apart from it, the listener finds so many different things on this website, and also, if the listener requires a Pokemon card to roast their music taste or to find out their listening habits so the listener can utilize the feature of this website independently.

How to utilize the feature of Pokeplaylist Herokuapp?

It is very easy to utilize the feature of the Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website; for this, the player has to follow some instructions, which are mentioned below like-

  1. The player must open their favorite web browser and visit the official website of pokeplaylist.
  2. 2. As soon as the website opens, the user finds the login option and presses on that option. After this, the user has to log in to the website with the help of several mediums. Like, a user can log in to this website by using a Facebook ID, phone number, email ID, etc.
  3. After completing the process, the player is all set to utilize the features of the poke playlist and is able to create Pokemon cards.

Describe more information regarding the Pokeplaylist Herokuapp

The domain of the Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website was created on September 19, 2010, and it expires on September 19, 2023, which means it has now been sustained for approximately 11 years. This website is available in the English language, and this website successfully gets a valid SSL certificate.


1. Who is the founder of the Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website?

Ans. Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website was created by Matt ognibene.

2. When did the domain of the Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website is created?

Ans. The Pokeplaylist Herokuapp website’s domain was created on 19 September 2010 and expires on 19 September 2023.


Pokeplaylist Herokuapp is an exciting website because it helps to provide listeners with their favorite Spotify artists as Pokemon cards.

It is very easy to use this website, and because this website has a domain, SSL certificate, and other things, this helps to clarify that it is entirely safe to use this website and does not cause any harm to the device. This website also considers a DNS filter that helps make it safe.

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