Play the New Movie Posterdle Game!

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If you like movies and TV series, this new game is for you. You must know Posterdle. The game is currently thriving, and fans adore it. This game has been done to death.

The puzzle game has many versions. This time we have a similar variation. The game is for movie buffs. So, let’s have a look at this new game and its regulations. Let’s look at the Posterdle rules and tricks.

Posterdle is a game

The game arrived in late March. The game is quite similar to the music guessing game Heardle, where you have to guess the music in a second. Similarly, you must guess the movie by looking at the puzzle posters.


Various posters show compressed scenes. Each time you skip the scene, it becomes more common. If you correctly predict the movie, you can challenge your friends on social media.

How to play Posterdle?

Posterdle’s official website has the game. To play this game, go to the website and click play. When you press play, a second clip will play. If you don’t get it, you can skip and re-press play.

You can skip the clip till you can’t get it. This limit is 6. Only 6 chances to guess the movie correctly. You can also play Posterdle once a day. Each day’s footage is unique.

Moviedle uses the same concept.

Yes, the website provides this service. The player can also play the prior day’s game. The previous moviedle game is extremely simple. The calendar icon at the top right of the screen. You can acquire what you desire by scrolling backwards. You can also play on the win/loss screen.
Wordle is become a global phenomenon. This game was designed for the owner’s cherished wife/girlfriend who likes words.

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