Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death

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This news is about the major cause of maternal death, as in Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s case.

Have you heard about suicide and other depression cases that cause the body to struggle? Want to know why one of the major incidents occurred? If yes, continue reading for details.

The test money and struggle of pranaiya has been heard in America, Indonesia, and Canada. Despite her despair, she had a goal in life. The Rajak realities and her husband’s motives for Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s death are below.

Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s recent news

Praniya is a new mother who has been diagnosed with postpartum depression. She had a son named Author. The only cause was 1 year of postpartum depression.

Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death

Her spouse describes her as a loving mother who wanted the best for her son. Despite significant crashes, Pranaiya Oulapathorn Death shares her life experience with anxiety and panic attacks. Read on to learn more about her husband’s details.

Husband’s Remarks

Her husband, Hamish Magoffin, claims she was a joyful mother who loved her children. After the pregnant phase, the awful truth struck and took his wife and child.

The sole explanation was her postpartum depression, and she could only think about the positives. He lost his wife and child six months after delivery in September 2021.

So, when did Pranaiya die?

Pranaiya was 37. She had a great child in her life for the first time. However, depression during pregnancy raised the risk of suicide and child death within 6 months. Arthur was born March 20, 2021. A year later, she died with her son.

So she wanted to die?

She feared she was never a good mom, but she was ready for Arthur’s life. She also indicated that she wants to be adopted.

Why is Pranaiya Oulapathorn’s Death Popular?

Pranaiya Oulapathorn killed her child by suicide. She was a joyful mother for 6 months before developing delusions and other illnesses throughout the first year of pregnancy. Suicide due to depression is trending.


In conclusion, according to the maternal health alliance research, she killed a kid within 6 months of giving birth owing to postpartum depression.

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