Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br (March 2022) Training Courses & Schedule!

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What Is Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br?

Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br has released information on the Prouni scholarship programme for the year 2022, as well as student concerns.

Many Brazilian students have been able to complete their professional courses at a low cost thanks to the Prouni programme. The selection procedure for the year 2022 has begun, and students interested in receiving a scholarship have applied.

Some students are having difficulties submitting their paperwork for the initial call, and others are curious about the entire programme. If you have not received the initial call, don’t panic; Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br will explain any other scholarship opportunities with you.

First Call Prouni Document:

Students who have applied for a Prouni scholarship should have received their first call, and they must now submit their documentation.

According to reports in the media, some students are having difficulties submitting paperwork to the Prouni website.

The documents necessary for First Call are provided below.

  • Candidates must submit a copy of their family’s income certificate, which must be less than the minimum wage per capita. To get this, add up all of the family members’ earnings and divide it by the number of people in the family. For the scholarship, your income must be less than R$1818.
  • Prazo Prouni 2022 asks students to submit their high school diploma in order to be considered for the award.
Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br
Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br

Schedule for Prouni 2022:

Students who are seeking for scholarships should keep their programme calendar up to date to ensure that they do not miss any deadlines.

  • Registration took place between the 22nd and the 25th of February.
  • The first call will take place on March 2, 2022.
  • From the 3rd through the 14th of March, you can submit documents for the first call.
  • The deadline for the second call is March 21st.
  • From the 21st through the 29th of March, you can submit your document for the Second Call.
  • Dates for applying to the waiting list are April 4th and 5th.
  • Institutional waiting lists will be made public on April 7th.
  • From the 8th through the 13th of April, you can submit documents for the waiting list.

Prouni Fies Kroton Com Br:

Many applicants, according to media reports, are having difficulties submitting their documents for the First Call. The deadline for uploading the paper on the Kroton website is March 14, 2022, however some applicants are receiving errors.

Some students reported that they were requested to inform their CPF and continue while analysing the Kroton site. They were unable to log in after providing their CPF, resulting in the non-submission of their paper for First Call.

Students submit their documents for scholarships through the Kroton website.

Prazo Prouni 2022 Courses Details:

Within this scholarship programme, the government has attempted to give a wide range of courses in order to provide quality education. The names of some of the courses available in this programme are shown below.

  1. Graduate programmes in a variety of topics are available to students.
  2. Subjects in the Bachelor of Management and Accounting.
  3. Other professional training programmes.

The number of seats available will be determined by the college chosen and the type of scholarship received by each student.

Final verdict:

We have provided Prouni’s schedule in a variety of formats. If students are unable to get the first call, they can attempt again and hope for the best.

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