Qourdle Com (qwerdle) Who Invented The Game?

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Qwerdle word game: We all spend our free time playing different games as it keeps us entertained and also sharpens our skills. Wordle is a popular name word game where players have to guess words daily, and so to bring something more exciting, “Qourdle Com” was launched.

This new game is quite similar where players have to guess five-letter words, but some changes and twists keep engaged.

So, if you too are the one who likes to play such mind games, Qourdle is a good option. The game is initially tricky to understand, so let’s know more about it and learn how to play.

What is Qourdle Com?

Qourdle Com is a word name game where players have to guess the words. One has to guess four different words, and they would have a total of 9 attempts to make it possible.

Qourdle Com
Qourdle Com

All the words would be of five letters, but the twist is you will be guessing all the four words simultaneously. So, when you input a letter, it would be entered in all four boards, and accordingly, you will be guessing all the games.

The game was launched in January 2022 by Freddie Meyer, and till today, it has nearly 500,000 players who play it daily. The brain-twisting game is not only fun but also sharpens our skills.

Qourdle Com also has practice sessions, so new players can learn to play it, and once they get a grip on it, go for daily challenges.

What are the rules to play Qwerdle?

As said, players would be guessing all the four different names simultaneously; some rules must be known. So, let’s check how to know whether we are right or not:

  • Once you hit, enter after entering all five letters, and if the square/letter becomes green, it means the letter is right and at the correct place.
  • If the square becomes yellow, the letter is right but not at the correct position.
  • Grey square means the letter is not at in the answer.
  • All letters become red, and even the trial is not counted if no such word exists.

How to play the game?

People who love to play name games but differently will find Qourdle Com best in every way. If you are also willing to play the game, follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit https://www.quordle.com/#/ and click on “Practice” if you are new, else go for “Daily” challenges.
  • Players must try to enter all different letters as it will increase the chances of winning and make it easy to guess the word.
  • Enter five letters and click on enter, to check whether you are right or not.
  • If the word is correct, no letter would be entered on that board while you can continue the game by guessing other words.
  • There are nine chances for players to guess all four words, and one must think wisely to win the game.

Which other options are available with Qourdle Com?

The game comes with various other options like Clicking on “?” to know how to play the game and make it easy for yourself to win it. Clicking the down arrow brings a list of options which are as follows:

  • Settings: Players can change the game’s setting like theme, game size, and keyboard height.
  • Daily or Practice Stats: Players would know about the game here, like how many won or lost.
  • Donate: Players can donate developer for his effort by “Buying him a coffee”. It is just a gesture to be thankful.
  • Patreon: Players can also donate $5 / month to get their name as contributors.


What makes Qourdle popular?

Qourdle is just like Wordle and other name guessing games, but here players are guessing four different words at the same time. The color of the square will help players know whether they are right or not, making the game interesting.

In which language is Qourdle available?

Qourdle is available in two different languages, English and French. So, one who knows French can play the game in their language while other payers living in any part of the world can go for English.


Gamers looking for some new and interesting name games will find Qourdle the best option. Players living in any part of the world can play the game and have fun. The option of practice sessions and a clear understating of the rules make it easy for beginners. So, give it a try and start playing Qourdle.

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