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Que Sentimiento Soy: A new study has revealed that each person has a human feeling that predominates according to this new research.

However, this has more to do with emotional intelligence and personal and social development, since it is considered one of the most important skills for people.

According to how they dictate in this study , every time a different human feeling is experienced , there is also a different reaction in the body.

A new study has determined that there is a predominant feeling in each person , with five being the most identifiable:

  • Love
  • Gonna
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Happiness

Happiness at first makes the heart beat faster and sweat is experienced in the extremities of the body, especially in the hands.

On the contrary, love is expressed as a more complex feeling since people do not experience it in the same way.

Que Sentimiento Soy
Que Sentimiento Soy

A new study has revealed that in each person there is Que Sentimiento Soy, with five being the main ones.

In the case of the feeling of anger, it is one of the most common in humans, contrary to what one would think.

Some find it pleasurable while many others find it unpleasant, but it is intense both ways, so much so that it can cause people or things to hurt us.

In anger, power and control are experienced, although this is one of the human feelings that has many variables that can be used to defend or to harm; From this feeling others can be experienced such as:

  • Fault
  • Repentance
  • Anger

In the case of sadness, it is not only a feeling but it is also considered an emotion that comes when it bothers or does not make you happy.

Fear, on the other hand, is a natural response to danger or something unknown that is also expressed through physical reactions such as sweating, elevated heart rate or upset stomach.

However, in many cases, fear is considered to be a reaction signal in the face of an emergency or potential danger, helping the person to stay safe.

This test was created by John Cacioppo and Richard Petty in 1986 , which is used in research on emotions, relationships, marketing, stress or customer service.

This test can measure a person’s emotional state, that is, someone’s general feeling rather than just an answer to a question.

A test to discover Que Sentimiento Soy was released on social networks

A test on human feelings showed that each person tends to feel one more frequently than the others, in addition to other similarities.

The latest study was answered by 3,473 people on social networks in order to discover different feelings associated with 20 emotions.

The results show that people feel the most positive emotions such as happiness, joy, love and satisfaction.

But this test of human feelings revealed that people feel neutral emotions less often than positive or negative ones.

In the case of neutral emotions, the word that appears in at least 36% is “calm” , while the word “excited” only appears in 2%.

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