QuillBot (Paraphrasing Tool) Grammar Checker!

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Technology is a gift that has changed our lives and helped us to make everything in our control. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an example of it, and today many things work on it. Many of us might have heard about “QuillBot,” which helps us rewrite the phrase using AI technology. QuillBot works like a human and can rephrase the big chunks of text to give a new form.

What is QuillBot?

It isn’t easy to manage the timing, especially for students who write an assignment or submit a project. Students and even professionals often need to rephrase the content, and it is quite time-consuming. But with QuillBot, everything is changed, and just a click on the button gives the rephrased text.

QuillBot analyses the text and rephrases it without changing its meaning. QuillBot is not just limited to rephrase, but there are using it as a smart thesaurus that checks grammar and an enhancer. The best part is QuillBot makes sure the text is plagiarized-free, and even the rephrased paragraph looks unique and fresh.


Why use QuillBot?

Indeed, QuillBot does not work like humans, but still, it is the tool that helps to rephrase the sentence in the best possible manner. Below are some of the reasons why people are opting for QuillBot:

  • QuillBot uses technology that helps to rephrase text by finding a suitable synonym.
  • The tool is suitable for paraphrasing paragraphs, sentences, or even a complete article. Many people even learn from it and thus can improve their writing skills.
  • It is very important to have a clear meaning of the sentence, so QuillBot makes sure that the paraphrased article is perfect. It also checks the fluency and grammar to avoid any errors.
  • QuillBot is a time-saving tool as you are just required to paste the text you want to rephrase and click on the button to get new content. Thus, if you are running of time and are required to submit an article, QuillBot proves helpful.
  • The tool is compatible with Microsoft office, docs, and even chrome. So, no need to change any format as it works with every possible writing platform.
  • The basic version of QuillBot is available for free, and everyone can try it out. If you are looking for some more options, the premium version of QuillBot is available, and it is also quite affordable.


  1. How do QuillBot works?

QuillBot uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to restructure and rephrase the text to get a new form. The writer also uses it for checking grammar and plagiarism. The SEO tools used by QuillBot helps to target a large audience.

  1. Is QuillBot free?

Yes, it is one of the best paraphrasing tools that are available for free. Using it every time will limit your abilities, but with limited time, QuillBot works as a boon and help to get the best alternative of the text.


QuillBot is a popular paraphrasing tool that uses technology to rephrase sentences. It also analyses the user behaviour and accordingly gives the rephrase result. Many people are using QuillBot for rephrasing, checking plagiarism, and even grammar. So, if you are also required to complete the writing but have no time, QuillBot is the best option.

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