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Redcrosslearningcenter Org Looking to learn more about disaster preparedness? Redcross Learning Center has the resources you need to get started. This website offers an extensive collection of articles, videos, and tools to help you be as prepared as possible for any type of disaster. From wildfire prevention to flooding emergencies, this site has everything you need to know about preparing for a potential catastrophe.

What is the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization that provides relief in times of crisis and disaster. The organization was founded by Henri Dunant in 1864 and has since provided relief to millions of people in over 90 countries. The Red Cross also conducts health and mental health services, provides education and training, and raises money for humanitarian causes.

The Purpose of the Red Cross

The Red Cross was founded in 1864 and is the world’s first and largest humanitarian organization. Its primary mission is to provide aid in times of crisis. The Red Cross does this through its thousands of chapters and branches in over 150 countries. It also maintains a global information center which provides up-to-date information on disasters and emergencies around the world.

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How Does the Red Cross Help People?

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides relief to people in need around the world. The Red Cross helps people in a variety of ways, including by providing emergency supplies, support in times of disaster, and training for emergency responders. The Red Cross also works to prevent disasters from happening in the first place by educating and raising awareness about the dangers of disasters.

The History of the Red Cross

The modern Red Cross movement can be traced back to 1864, when a group of Swiss schoolteachers formed the Geneva Red Cross Society. The society’s mission was to provide humanitarian assistance in times of crisis. In 1867, the society began providing relief supplies to refugees fleeing the Franco-Prussian War.
In 1878, the society became known as the International Red Cross and received its current name in 1961. Today, the Red Cross operates in more than 150 countries and provides relief and assistance programs in a number of areas, including health, disaster relief, human rights work, and education.

How to Donate to the Red Cross

If you’re looking to make a donation to the Red Cross in order to help those affected by natural disasters, here are a few tips:

– Visit and click on “Donate Now.” This will take you to the donation page for the American Red Cross.
– Enter the amount of money you want to donate and select the donation type (cash, check, or gift card).
– Click on “Donate Now.”
– Enter your personal information (name, address, and phone number) and submit the donation.
– If you have an account with Amazon Smile, Red Cross will also ask if you’d like to donate 0.5% of your purchase price to the charity.
– Once your donation is processed, the American Red Cross will send you a receipt via email.


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