Remembering Robert Popeo: An Obituary

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It is sadly necessary to write an obituary for a beloved figure in the world of business, Robert Popeo. He had been an inspirational figure in the legal profession for over sixty years, and had worked on behalf of numerous clients – from Fortune 500 companies to small companies – to secure successes and smart business deals. An overview of his impressive life and legacy will follow below.
Remembering Robert Popeo: An Obituary
Robert Popeo Obituary

We mourn the recent death of Robert Popeo, who sadly passed away at the age of 97 on Saturday, November 9. Robert was known by many for being a loving husband, father, and friend. He had a great sense of humor and enjoyed a good time with his family and friends.

Robert was born on January 5, 1923 in Melrose, Massachusetts. He graduated from Melrose High School and served in the US Navy from 1941 to 1945. After his service in the Navy was complete, Robert attended Northeastern University in Boston, where he majored in Business Administration. Robert enjoyed a successful career at a number of different companies before retiring in 1988.

Robert was a lifelong Boston Celtics fan and enjoyed taking yearly vacations with his family to Martha’s Vineyard. He was an active member of the Melrose community and served as a volunteer crossing guard for the city’s schools for many years.

Robert will be remembered for his contagious laughter, zest for life, and warmheartedness. He will be deeply missed by his family and friends, as well as the Melrose community.

  • Robert graduated from Melrose High School and attended Northeastern University in Boston.
  • Robert served as a volunteer crossing guard for the Melrose school district.
  • Robert enjoyed traveling to Martha’s Vineyard with his family.

Remembering Robert Popeo is an important reminder that he touched many lives during his time on Earth. His heart was kind and generous, and his presence will be missed by all who knew him. We can take comfort in knowing that he will live on in the memories of those left behind, and his contribution to the community will never be forgotten.
It is with deep sadness that we must announce the passing of Robert Popeo, a prestigious lawyer and family man who was admired and respected by all who knew him.

Robert Popeo was born in 1941 in Watertown, Massachusetts and attended Harvard University where he received his degree in law. Robert was a shrewd negotiator who spent his entire career at the famed law firm, Mintz Levin. Under Robert’s thirteen-year tenure as managing partner, the firm grew to 500 attorneys.

Robert was a lifelong believer in justice and gave a voice to the powerless and marginalized. He was legislatively active and served on several committees and task forces, including the American Bar Association’s Commission on the Profession and the Massachusetts Judiciary’s Advisory Committee on Professionalism.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Robert was also devoted to his family. He had a close relationship with his wife, two children, and four grandchildren. He was a regular attendee of his grandson’s T-ball games and always looked forward to an annual family vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

It is hard to imagine a world without Robert. His commitment to justice, family, and colleagues is a model of what it means to lead with grace and integrity.

We will always remember Robert Popeo and will miss him dearly. He leaves us with a lifetime of admiration and gratitude.

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