How To Capture A Screenshot On A Windows PC/Laptop?

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When we work with our Laptops, whether at our home or the office, or anywhere else, often the need of capturing a screenshot arises. Suppose we land upon an Important page, which we need to store for viewing the important details, later on, we can store the information of that page in a detailed manner by taking the shot of the screen in the easiest way possible.

Whether you have a Windows Laptop or that from Mac, in this article I will be covering in detail how to take a screenshot easily on any type of device. You can take a screenshot and then store it as a jpeg or png file in any folder of your pc according to your needs.

Both Windows and Mac Laptop comes with their own set of systems to capture screenshots. Come let us ponder upon the important steps on how to do this.


Screenshot On A Windows

Now, I will be discussing the multiple ways by which you can take a screenshot of your Laptop’s screen. So let’s start!

Perform this action using an app

Both Windows 10 and Windows 7 have an inbuilt app called Snipping Tool, essentially for capturing screenshots. This app captures the image and saves it as a jpg file.

The steps to do so :

  • Go to the Start option in the menu bar, and in the search tab, type in “ Snipping Tool”. The app will open up.
  • After the app opens, don’t get confused with the number of options that will be available there. Some of the options will be  New, Delay, Cancel, mode, etc.
  • To take a screenshot that is irrespective of any shape, press the new button. It will take a whole screenshot of your Laptop’s screen.
  • To take a screenshot slowly, you can press the option delay, as it has a timer, which will take the screenshot after the timer hits 0 secs.
  • You can press the option Mode, if you want a screenshot that has to maintain a certain shape, like in full-screen mode or rectangular mode.
  • You can press the option cancel if you want all of these processes to halt.

The Simplest way of taking a screenshot is by pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard itself.

The easiest way by which you can capture a screenshot on a laptop that has the Windows version is by pressing the print screen key on the laptop. The key is available both on windows 7 and windows 10 laptops.



Find the screen on the right-hand corner of your laptop and press it to have the full-screen screenshot of the page that you need.


Sometimes, in certain laptops, assistance with the function key will be needed. In such cases, press the function key+ print screen for taking the screenshot.

3. To  Capture the Active Window only

If you want to take the screenshot of the screen only which is active, the screen on which you are working, then simply press the alt screen along with the print screen key.

4. If you want to capture the screenshot of a specific portion of your screen

Most of you know, that in your smartphone devices, you can easily scroll up to a certain portion, and take a screenshot of only that part, or you might crop the latter part and keep only that part that is required. But what to do if you want this same thing on your laptop, then there is a screen short keys in pc.

Press together the windows key+ Shift+ S, and take the screenshot of the portion you want.

5. Screenshot style for Gamers

While playing a game, you can press the two keys together, windows and G for a game overlay that you want.

Process of taking a screenshot in MAC Laptop/PC

1. If you want to capture the whole screen

If you want the whole screen to be captured, then simply press the three keys together – Command+Shift+3.

2. If you want to capture only a specific portion of the screen

Then the shortcut of capturing the screen – the amount you like, will be command+shift+4. You can drag your cursor and select only that much part of the area that you need.

3. If you want the screenshot of the Touch Bar

The shortcut is Command+Shift+6 to take a screenshot of the touch bar of your Mac Laptop.

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