Check the facts about the Snopes New Profile Pic App!

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In order to assist users in making the best choice, this guide provides information regarding the fact checks offered by the Snopes New Profile Pic App.

Do you utilise the new programme for updating your profile picture, which is called New Profile Pic App? This post is intended for you if you make use of the programme. The New Profile Pic App is a smartphone application that makes the claim that it can easily modify and improve the appearance of your profile photo across various social media platforms.

The application has a significant user base in all three of the aforementioned countries: the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, there have been claims made and posts made that the application is a hoax.

Therefore, in order to clarify matters for the customers, a report titled “Snopes New Profile Pic App” has been published on the website

Concerning Regarding the Snopes New Profile Pic App! is a website that allows users to check facts online. This website conducts in-depth research and analysis to check the facts and numbers of a variety of portals and applications, and it presents its findings on the internet.

Snopes New Profile Pic App
Snopes New Profile Pic App

It is a service that validates rumours and misconceptions and claims to clear things out for users. The service is called

Therefore, following the success of the application that allows users to change their profile pictures, known as New Profile Pic, several rumours, misconceptions, and claims were made by the users.

Therefore, takes great pride in investigating the veracity of these statements and determining whether or not they are credible. The reports on the internet made it clear that all of the claims that were made were false and without evidence.

What exactly does the Snopes Fact Check have to say about the New Profile Pic App?

Soon after the programme gained widespread popularity among people all over the world, rumours and common misunderstandings began to spread about it. conducted an investigation into the veracity of the claims made in light of the rising popularity of the programme and the associated claims. The study on the website states that the following are some facts that are noteworthy to discuss.

  • The assertions that the New Profile Pic App is making are not accurate in any way.
  • The programme, similar to other popular applications, will inquire about your consent.
  • There have been numerous allegations, all of which lack evidence, claiming the application is guilty of data theft.
  • There are other programmes with names that are very similar to this one. According to the fact check performed by Snopes on the Profile Pic App, it is not connected with the primary application.
  • An organisation with headquarters in the British Virgin Islands is responsible for developing the programme. The company recruits developers from all over the world, including Russia, to work on it.
  • There is no evidence to support the assertion that the application takes money once it has been installed on the device, hence the allegations that it does so cannot be proven.
  • Some of the fact checks conducted by are presented here.

Is the New Profile Pic App a Reliable and Secure Option?

You are required to familiarise yourself with the findings of the Snopes New Profile Pic App fact check before you install the application on your smartphone. Following our investigations on, we have uncovered some vital pieces of information.

  1. There is no evidence to substantiate the assertions that have been made by various users, despite the fact that they are based on misconceptions.
  2. Since Informe Laboratories Inc. is responsible for the application’s backing and development, and Linerock Investments Ltd. has the copyrights to the application, it is not a product of a newly founded firm. The developer already possesses two apps that are fully working and have over 150 million installations combined.
  3. The representative for the app stated that it does not save the data of its users and that it is safe to use.


I am hoping that you are now familiar with the findings of the Snopes New Profile Pic App fact check. The programme has the support of a well-known developer who is also working on two other applications.

The allegations that users have made are not supported by any evidence. [Citation needed] Nevertheless, when you are using the programme, you need to remain vigilant and take the appropriate safety precautions. Before relying on the results, you should read the Fact Checks.

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