Squareword (2022) Everything You Need To Know!

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What is Squareword? 

A Squareword is a game for all age group people out there who wants to challenge their brain. It is a fun game that is more suitable for a younger age.

When you are in the running of the new challenges in your study you want to know more about the new words which will help you in the study and this you will get to know more about the new words.

This game starts with very easy words so that you can guess them easily but slowly-slowly level gets difficult so that you try harder to guess the word.  


What makes this more interesting?

You will see some interesting things in this game like a word starting with the same letter across and in a downwards way. You can make your spell and try to complete all the 7 words in the box.

  1. To fill the blanks properly in the first stage you can use E, E, N, N, N, O, T and W and after that, you can take the help of some clues to complete your whole word.

Examples of Clues:

  1. Two Thousand Pounds
  2. A Number Which is Less Than Two
  3. Something Which is Not Old


  1. For the next stage, you will get only some clues to complete the blanks.

Examples of Clues: 

  1. Demure
  2. A Kind of Tool which is Used in The Garden
  3. Antonym of No
  1. Succeed in solving the puzzle? Try another one. If solved the first puzzle you can go to the next puzzle which steps harder than the previous one.

Example of Clues:

  1. To Question Someone
  2. Something is Used to Unlock The Door
  3. To Look at Something
  1. Try to calculate the time that how fast you can solve a puzzle. This will help you to get an idea of your timings and also you can figure out how hard the puzzle is.

Example of Clues:

  1. A Name of An Ocean
  2. Something which has Noah Build
  3. Something Used For Hearing
  1. When you are about to finish the last 3 x 3 square box you can place N, O, O, O, T, W, W, W, W anywhere in thx without using any clue.
  2. When you complete the last 3 x 3 square box you can now try to solve a new 4 x 4 square box.

Example of Clues:

  1. Unbounded Material on The Beach
  2. Something Which is a Part of Surface
  3. Neat and Clean

A Day, Month, and A Year  

  1. Slowly-Slowly you are now about to finish the last puzzle of a 4 x 4 square box.

Now you can challenge your friends to solve their puzzle and ask them how difficult their puzzle was. Teachers can use this game as brain activity and give them to make their puzzle with one clue for each word. They will push their limited minds and bring some more interesting words. 


Squareword is a game with lots of challenges for your brain. You will get to know the different new words in this. This game is mostly preferable for young age kids as well as for adults. You will push your brain to find the suitable word for your puzzle and also it will improve your spelling skills.

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