Supreme Court Leak Investigation

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Supreme Court Leak Investigation a leak that occurred earlier this year, and it has some members of the press concerned about the future of freedom of the press. The leak in question happened in March, when a transcript from a hearing on the Affordable Care Act was leaked to the public.

While leaks are nothing new in politics, this particular leak has raised some eyebrows because it involved confidential information about one of the most important rulings made by the Supreme Court in recent years. Whether or not this leak will have a long-term impact on freedom of the press remains to be seen, but for now, it’s something that journalists are keeping an eye on.

What is the Leak Investigation?

On September 13, 2017, the website Daily Caller published an article reporting that the Trump administration was investigating whether or not “high-level” leaks from the White House are responsible for negative public perception of the administration.

Supreme Court Leak Investigation

The article references a report by The Hill that “the probe is looking into whether classified information has been disseminated outside the government to unauthorized sources.” This investigation follows reports that multiple officials have been fired or forced to resign due to their alleged involvement in leaking information to the press.
What is the significance of this leak investigation?
While it is unclear what specific information has been leaked, it is clear that the public’s perception of the Trump administration has taken a significant hit as a result. The leak investigations could provide some closure as to who is responsible for these damaging leaks and help restore public confidence in government.

Who is Under Investigation?

The Supreme Court leak investigation is in full swing and the FBI has already announced that they are investigating three people: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Sally Yates. All three of these individuals have something in common: they were all involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Comey was the director of the FBI when Clinton was investigated and he made a public announcement in July 2016 that she would not be charged with any crimes. McCabe was the deputy director of the FBI at the time and he played a significant role in the decision not to charge Clinton. Yates was the acting attorney general during the Trump administration and she ordered the Justice Department to review whether or not to charge Clinton.

All three of these individuals are under suspicion for leaking classified information to the media. Comey leaked conversations he had with President Trump to The New York Times and The Washington Post. McCabe leaked memos documenting his interactions with Trump to The Wall Street Journal. And Yates leaked information about Michael Flynn to The Washington Post.

Each of these leaks has potentially serious consequences for those who were involved in them. Comey disclosed confidential conversations with the president which could have put him in legal jeopardy. McCabe released sensitive information about investigations which could have compromised those cases. And Yates leaked

What are the Probes?

The Supreme Court leak investigation is being conducted by the FBI and the Department of Justice. The probe is looking into who leaked confidential information about the court’s deliberations to reporters.

Are any Leaked Documents True?

Is the Supreme Court leak investigation underway? The answer, as of right now, is unclear. However, there have been reports that leaked documents pertaining to the court’s deliberations are true.

If these documents are indeed accurate, then the court’s legitimacy may be in jeopardy. The leaks could also lead to political instability and even impeachment proceedings.

At this point, it’s impossible to know for sure what really happened. But until we have more information, it’s important to be cautious about what we believe.


Following the recent Supreme Court leak investigation, it is important to be aware of the risks involved in leaking information to the media. Not only are you putting your own safety at risk, but you may also be exposing the sources of confidential information to serious harm. If you have any concerns about whether or not you should leak information to the media, please speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you on your best course of action.

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