Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date Revealed

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‌If you’re a fan of the hit show⁤ ‘Tell Me Lies’, then you’ve probably been eagerly awaiting news of the imminent second season. The good news is that the release date has⁤ just been announced, and it’s sooner⁢ than you might have been expecting! Read on for the full scoop on the ‌highly ​anticipated second season of‌ ‘Tell Me Lies’.

  • Tell Me Lies Season 2 Release Date – Despite the fact that the first ⁢season ended on a cliffhanger, fans of ⁣the show have been kept in the ⁤dark over​ the⁢ show’s future. The good news is‍ that creator Hollyoaks has⁤ promised a season⁢ two of​ their teen drama ‘Tell Me ‍Lies’.
  • However, no formal release date⁤ has been announced as of yet. Although the show is likely to return to our‍ screens ​by⁣ the end of 2021 or early 2022, nothing has been confirmed yet. Fans have ‍taken to social media to express their⁢ enthusiasm⁤ over the show’s potential return.

The buzz about the show is clear, and it ‍is likely that ‌fans will get an answer soon. Season one’s ⁤cliffhanger left viewers eagerly waiting for the ‌follow-up and, with⁢ the news that season two is coming,‍ they eagerly hope for ⁢a release date soon.

The show has been praised for showcasing realistic teenage relationships and parenting in⁣ a way that other ⁤shows struggle to do. Positive reviews have continued to pour in⁢ for the show and fans are excited ⁢to see⁢ how things ‍develop with the impending season two. Until then, secret lies and surprises will remain⁢ hidden behind the scenes.

So mark your calendars, and make sure to tune in to Tell Me⁣ Lies season 2 when it premieres⁣ on ‍August 28th!‌ It looks​ like it’s going ⁢to be something you won’t want to miss.
Tell Me Lies ⁢Season 2 Release Date Revealed

The streaming giant Netflix recently announced that the incredibly popular psychological thriller “Tell Me Lies” will be getting a season two. Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting the announcement since the first season concluded nearly a year ago.

The show is an adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 novel of the same name. It follows the story of university student Celia Knox (played by Sophia Ashworth) as she uncovers a web of lies and deceit within her family and discovers secrets that have been hidden for generations. Now, with season two just around the corner, viewers are sure to get some answers to the questions posed in the first season.

The release date for the highly anticipated season two was revealed in a recent trailer, and it’s set to hit Netflix at the end of July 2021. The trailer came with a mysterious and haunting reminder from Celia that “the truth will set you free.” It also hints at more intense, dark themes which viewers can look forward to discovering in the upcoming season. Additionally, it introduces a few new characters and hints at a potential love interest for Celia.

If you’ve yet to watch the first season of “Tell Me Lies,” the time is now! Season two is sure to pick up the suspenseful storyline where season one left off, and provide answers to the many questions viewers have been asking. Don’t miss out when “Tell Me Lies” returns on July 30th only on Netflix.

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