The 13 Countries With The Lowest Internet Speed Worldwide Myinfo

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The 13 Countries With The Lowest Internet Speed Worldwide Myinfo: In today’s digitally connected world, fast internet is essential for everything from work to entertainment.

However, not all countries are blessed with high-speed internet connections. In this article, we will explore the 13 countries with the slowest internet speeds globally, shedding light on the challenges they face in staying connected.

the 13 countries with the lowest internet speed worldwide myinfo
the 13 countries with the lowest internet speed worldwide myinfo
  1. Afghanistan: Afghanistan struggles with one of the world’s slowest internet speeds due to infrastructure challenges caused by years of conflict. Users here often contend with frustratingly slow downloads and buffering.
  2. Yemen: Yemen faces internet speed issues largely due to its ongoing political instability. The lack of investment in internet infrastructure has led to sluggish connections for its citizens.
  3. Turkmenistan: Limited competition in Turkmenistan’s telecommunications sector has hindered the development of faster internet services, leaving users with slow browsing experiences.
  4. Libya: Libya’s internet infrastructure has suffered setbacks due to political turmoil, resulting in unreliable and sluggish connections for its population.
  5. Syria: Ongoing conflict and political instability have taken a toll on Syria’s internet infrastructure, causing slow internet speeds for its residents.
  6. Sudan: Sudan’s internet infrastructure is still in the process of development, leading to slower speeds compared to many other countries.
  7. Algeria: Algeria faces internet speed challenges due to a lack of investment in modernizing its telecommunications infrastructure, leaving users frustrated with slow connections.
  8. Mauritania: Limited access to high-speed internet infrastructure in Mauritania contributes to slower internet speeds, affecting the online experiences of its citizens.
  9. Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe grapples with slow internet speeds, partly due to economic challenges that have hindered investment in improved telecommunications infrastructure.
  10. Ethiopia: Ethiopia has been working to expand its internet infrastructure, but slow speeds are still common in many areas, impacting both businesses and individuals.
  11. Comoros: The remote island nation of Comoros faces challenges in providing high-speed internet to its citizens, resulting in slower connections.
  12. Malawi: Malawi’s internet infrastructure is gradually improving, but slow speeds persist in many regions, limiting access to online resources.
  13. Burundi: Burundi rounds off our list with slow internet speeds attributed to limited investment in modernizing its internet infrastructure.


Access to fast and reliable internet is a crucial aspect of modern life, enabling communication, education, and economic growth. While these 13 countries face challenges in providing high-speed internet, efforts to improve their internet infrastructure are ongoing.

As technology advances and investments increase, there is hope that these nations will one day enjoy faster and more reliable internet connections, enhancing the lives of their citizens.

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