The 21st February Paragraph 400 Words

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The 21st February Paragraph 400 Words: On the 21st of February, we commemorate a pivotal moment that holds great significance in our shared history.

This day serves as a reminder of a remarkable event that has shaped the cultural and linguistic identity of a nation. Let’s delve into the significance of the 21st of February and why it holds a special place in the hearts of many.

the 21st february paragraph 400 words
the 21st february paragraph 400 words

The International Mother Language Day:

The 21st of February is globally recognized as the International Mother Language Day. This observance was established by the United Nations to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and to protect languages from the threat of extinction.

It is a day to celebrate the richness of our languages and the role they play in fostering a sense of belonging and heritage.

Historical Context:

The historical backdrop of the 21st of February dates back to 1952 when a group of brave individuals protested against the imposition of a language policy that threatened their mother tongue.

The people stood united to defend their right to speak and preserve their language, a stance that eventually led to the recognition of Bengali as one of the official languages of Bangladesh.

Language Movement:

The 21st of February is also known as the Language Movement Day in Bangladesh, commemorating the sacrifices made by those who valiantly fought for linguistic rights. The movement was a pivotal turning point in the struggle for cultural identity, and it symbolizes the resilience of a community in preserving its linguistic heritage.

The Ekushey Boi Mela:

One of the vibrant aspects of the 21st of February celebration is the Ekushey Boi Mela, a book fair that showcases the literary achievements of the Bengali language. This event brings together authors, poets, and book enthusiasts to celebrate the written word and promote the love of literature.

Educational Significance:

Beyond the cultural and historical aspects, the 21st of February emphasizes the importance of education and the power of knowledge. It encourages us to appreciate and learn from our diverse linguistic heritage, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among different communities.


In essence, the 21st of February is a day that transcends borders and reminds us of the value of language, culture, and unity. As we celebrate the International Mother Language Day, let us reflect on the lessons of history, cherish our linguistic diversity, and work towards a world where every language is respected and preserved.

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