The best 4 heavy equipment auction results in 2023

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The best 4 heavy equipment auction results in 2023: The 2023 auction market is poised to be incredibly competitive, with heavy equipment taking center stage. As the demand for heavy machinery grows, so too does the number of bidders eager to pay premium prices for the industry’s cutting edge technology.

In this article, we explore the top four auctions for heavy equipment in the upcoming year, and examine the latest trends that will be influencing the market.

The best 4 heavy equipment auction results in 2023
The best 4 heavy equipment auction results in 2023

The Race for Heavy Machinery: Taking a Look at the Top 4 Auctions for 2023

The first auction of the year is the London Machinery Auction, an annual event that draws in a diverse range of vendors with an eye on grabbing a piece of the action. This year, the auction also boasts a wide selection of modern heavy equipment, from stand-out cranes to high-tech backhoes and loaders.

The second is the Chicago Industrial Equipment Expo, an event that has been running for more than a decade. Here, industry leaders will come together to showcase the best in heavy equipment technology, with a particular focus on electric and automated machinery.

The third auction of the year is the Shanghai Machinery Fair, a gathering of international Machinery Dealers vying for the latest in cutting-edge technology.

This year’s expo promises to offer a broad selection of excavators, loaders and haulers for participants to bid on. The last but certainly not the least of the top four auctions for 2023 is the Texas Used Heavy Machinery Trade Show, which focuses solely on top-of-the-line used machinery.

This is an excellent opportunity for buyers keen to get their hands on reliable, cost-effective models that have been previously tested and approved.

Witnessing the Wave of Heavy Equipment: Investing in the Machinery of the Future

There is no denying that the Heavy Machinery Industry is booming right now, and the rise of electric and automated technology only spells great news for the sector.

Indeed, those attending the top four auctions in 2023 will be sure to feast their eyes on a number of the latest advancements, with many new and innovative models on offer. One such standout feature of the auctions will be the rise of driverless technology, with a range of unmanned machines in the running for top bids.

There have also been advancements in the use of electric components, with batteries now being able to power even the biggest of heavy equipment for an extended period of time. Alongside these features, the auctions also offer buyers the chance to invest in the latest safety features.

For example, many of the heavy vehicles up for grabs come equipped with roll-over protection systems, auto-braking systems, and a host of other safety features designed to reduce the risk of injury and damage.


2023 promises to be a rollercoaster of an auction year for the Heavy Machinery Industry, with technological revolution front and center.

All four of our featured auctions present an excellent opportunity for buyers to invest in the machinery of the future, and with the advent of driverless and electric machines, buyers are now more spoilt for choice than ever before. So grab your checkbook and get ready to immerse yourself in the 2023 auctions – you won’t be disappointed!

The past year saw 4 remarkable outcomes in the heavy equipment auction industry. The Big Iron auctions regularly featured in these outcomes have made the industry a reliable source of income for everyone involved. In this article, we feature the top 4 heavy equipment auction results of 2023.

The first of the 4 big winners was Grosset Sales in North Dakota who, in April, achieved remarkable success selling a fleet of heavy-duty tractors and dozers in their online auction. The machinery went for over $1 million, amounting to a 15% increase compared to similar auctions held in late 2020.

Second on the list was a massive April auction from the Washington-based Antique Tractor Sales Inc. The auction featured an impressive selection of classic tractors and backhoes. The results ended in dazzling figures, with all of the lot hitting the $1 million mark. The total auction revenue topped $2 million.

The third of the 4 big names features an incredible rush of demand for John Deere Farm equipment this past March. The auction company, which operates out of Illinois, sold a large amount of farmer’ tractors and threshers. The auction surpassed its expected sale of $900,000 and ended in almost $2 million.

Last, but not least, comes a massive auction from the Florida-based All Star Machinery. This massive auction featured heavy construction tools, including cranes, excavators, and paver. The auction was even more impressive considering the global supply chain dilemma encountered in the early months of the year. Not only did the auction meet the pre-estimated revenue of $1.4 million, but it also hit the $2.5 million mark, achieving an 81% increase year-over-year.

These 4 heavy equipment auctions in 2023 demonstrate the potential of the industry as a reliable source of income. Although the past year was full of challenges, companies have showed remarkable resilience when it comes to making the most of the big iron auctions. With the right skillset and tools, the industry is certainly ready to hit the million-dollar mark once more in the months to come.

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