Trans Siberian Orchestra (2022) Tickets Price, Music Journey & Presale Code!

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Trans Siberian orchestra is a famous American Rock band. Recently the tour of TSO was announced, and lots of people are excited to know full information about the tour. Like the way to purchase presale tickets, venues, price of tickets, etc.

This winter event starts on 16 November 2022 and concludes on 30 December 2022. The event happened in cities like Toyota, Washington DC, Seattle, etc.

The tour information was given by trans-Siberian orchestras music director and lead guitarist AI Pitrelli, and later, he said that playing live last year was very special.

When you like something as broadly as we do and it is taken away, it creates so grateful to keep in return. I looked forward to saying all our repetitive crimes and new friends when we hit the road. Since fans heard this statement, they are excited about this concert.

What is the Trans Siberian orchestra?

TSO is a very popular rock band in America that was established in 1996. The founder of TSO is Paul O Neill. He was the producer, composer, and songwriter, along with Paul John Oliver and AI Pitrelli, the co-producer of TSO.

Another TSO member is Robert Kinkel, the creative team’s core. But in 1999, the TSO started gaining popularity after releasing their second album, the Christmas Attica.

Trans siberian orchestra music journey

TSO has released so much music that the fans love to listen to the still, and the fans are horripilation for Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24 due to its historical knot to trans Siberian orchestra.

Apart from it, there are several songs released by TSO like faith Noel, the world that she sees, o holy night, promise to keep, I start to follow, etc. These are some mesmerizing songs, and the reason behind the success of TSO is they all remarkable songs with great music. Each album that TSO releases have a distinct story.

Information regarding the TSO songs setlist for events

The songs setlist which the TSO represents at their event was Christmas eve, Christmas canon rock, wizards in winter, A mad Russians Christmas, Requiem, forgot about the blame, Carmina Burana, o holy night, overture, first snow, etc.

Trans siberian orchestra tickets

Since when the people heard about the tour, they all are very excited to know information about Trans siberian orchestra tickets. So, the ticket price may vary based on timing, row, location, etc., but on average, the fan must spend a minimum of $85.00 -$200. And if the fan wants the front-row event ticket, then the fan has to spend around $240.

About ticketmaster Trans Siberian Orchestra

To purchase a ticket from ticket masters is very easy; for this, the fan has to visit the ticket masters website, and from there, the fan has to search for the location, date, etc. But to purchase tickets from ticket master, the fan requires a code to take the tickets. And the ticket master presale codes are emailed directly to the fan whose seats have been reserved for the event.

Ticketmaster trans siberian orchestra presale code

On Thursday, the presale code was released for the TSO fans. The presale codes for all events are the same, which is GhOSTS. And from Friday 16 September the onsale option will open for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the tour of the Trans Siberian orchestra begin?

Ans. The tour of the trans-Siberian orchestra will begin from 16 November 2022 to 30 December 2022.

2. When did the trans-Siberian orchestra was established?

Ans. Trans Siberian orchestra was established in 1996 by Paul o Neill, John Oliver, AI Pitrelli, and Robert Kinkel.

3. How much does the fan spend participating in Trans Siberian orchestra events?

Ans. To watch the Trans Siberian Orchestra live event, the fan has to spend at least $85, which goes up to $200 and above.

4. What is the presale code for the TSO event?

Ans. The presale code of the TSO event is GHOSTS.


The Trans Siberia orchestra tour is the most awaited one because the fans have been waiting to see their favorite rock band concert live for a long time. The show will take place in the USA, like Green bay, Denver, Youngstown, Salt Lake City, Manchester, Worcester, etc. And on 15 September, the code has already released, and on 16 September, all seats will be available for purchase during the sale.

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