Truthsocial Com Android App (2022) Download Free!

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Truthsocial Com Android App

There are many social media platforms today where people can share their thoughts and views. However, there is an addition of a new social networking platform called “Truthsocial Com Android App” launched by the former president of U.S. Donald Trump.

According to the former president, this platform will allow people to express their thoughts and views on political ideology, and no one will ban them. The app was in the news many times back, but the question is whether truth social app for android is available or not.

So, let’s check more about the Truth social and how it is different from other social networking platforms. The app is recently launched for iOS, so Android users are waiting to get it available.

What is Truthsocial Com Android App?

Truthsocial Com Android App
Truthsocial Com Android App

Truthsocial Com Android App is a social media app that T Media Tech LLC develops. Former US President Donald Trump owns the company and app.

It was way back when the former president was blocked from Twitter, and so he decided to launch an app that gives freedom of speech and people can share their political opinions. In this way, Truth Social came into existence.

According to Donald Trump, the features and Woking are quite similar to Twitter, but truthsocial waitlist is far better than the original one.

It is found that there is one more company involved in making fo the app, which is Digital World Acquisition. It is clear that Truth Social is not a replacement for Facebook or Twitter but helps people to raise their voices without any content moderation. The policy clarifies that the platform is to speak freely, so people who make fun of it would be banned.


  • Truthsocial Com Android App is quite similar to Twitter, but tweets, replies, and likes are replaced with Truth, Truth & Replies, Media.
  • The app is 12.4 MB, and users can get it for free. But currently, only iOS users would be able to get the app.
  • Users are free to create their profile and customize it to look appealing. 
  • Truth Social has discovered features that help find other people on the app. Thus, users can create a social circle through the app.
  • It is free to share and post videos or content through the platform.
  • Users can express their views and thoughts on all the platform political issues. It gives the freedom that is not there in other similar apps.

Is Truth Social app for android?

The app Truth Social is available for iOS users only. It was released on 21st February for the iPhone user only. The app is not available even for iPad, so they cannot use it. As soon as the app was released for iPhone, Android users were tweeting to know when it would be available.

Based on reports, there is no fixed date for the android release. But it is tentative to get released as people eagerly wait for it. So, despite tweets from users, there is no clarity when the Truth Social app for android would be in the market.

So, all android users wait for your right time, and till then, iOS users can download and enjoy the app.


Why was Truth Social launched?

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter despite having a good fan following. So, for people to have freedom of thought and express themselves on social media platforms, the former president came up with Truth Social. It allows people to express their views even on political issues.

Is Truth Social safe?

Truth Social website is also in process, but it is not yet on a secured platform. It is found that the app will collect contact details, data usage, and diagnostics of the users, so it is hard to say whether it is safe.


Truth Social is just like Twitter and Facebook, where people can freely share their thoughts and share them further. The former US present developed the app, and according to him, users would be free to talk on political issues. However, the app is available for free and is only for iPhone users. So, there is no information on when the Truth Social app for android would be available for people. But till then, iPhone users can download and start using the app to find the difference.

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