Video De La Niña Araña Completo (2022) Full Update!

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About Video De La Niña Araña Completo

Video De La Niña Araña Completo: Yeimi Rivera was a trend a few years ago. An intimate video of him with his partner at the time went viral on social networks, which caused his mental health to be considerably affected, since he was only 14 years old.

Now, the story of this young Colombian woman, who was identified as ‘ Video De La Niña Araña Completo ‘, has been in the news again this week, based on various posts on Facebook and Twitter that indicated that Rivera could not bear to be singled out, so that he would have committed suicide, points out La Nación .

Even some of the publications dared to share the video that had been shared by his ex-partner a few years ago as a revenge, without considering that it was a minor.

However, Yeimi’s sister dared to speak out about it and denied all the rumors about her death, but clarified that the young woman is still undergoing treatment for depression, because her health is not good.

Video De La Niña Araña Completo
Video De La Niña Araña Completo


This ‘fake news’ of his death began to circulate earlier in the week, with a Facebook post. The morbidity of some users caused others to share the sexual video and it would go viral again more easily.

Yeimi’s sister herself confirmed that the clip was published by the young woman’s ex-partner, who would have been threatening her for years.

Faced with this scenario, netizens dared to affirm that Yeimi would have committed suicide, given the social pressure that the leaked video unleashed. However, his death was denied.

Some media outlets shared the news of the young woman’s death, but used a photo that was not hers. The woman in the image belongs to Nicole Larreategui, another young woman of Ecuadorian nationality who died of different causes.

Yeimi is currently locked in her room, struggling with moments of depression and anxiety.

Video De La Niña Araña Completo

In many countries this is known as the non-consensual dissemination of intimate images or videos on social networks to get revenge on a particular person. Justice could consider this action as a type of extortion.

Who does it? It can be done by anyone who owns the explicit material, whether in photos or videos; However, in most cases, it is the ex-partners who resort to these low methods after some love breaks.

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