Weather Tornado Warning Chicago (2022)

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Weather Tornado Warning Chicago Tornadoes are definitely something to be aware of when it comes to weather. If you live in the Chicago area, make sure you know about the weather tornado warning that is currently in effect.

What is a weather tornado warning?

A weather tornado warning is issued when a severe thunderstorm is expected to produce an EF3 or stronger tornado. This means that the storm will cause extensive damage, and could cause fatalities.
What are the steps to take if you are in danger from a tornado?

Weather Tornado Warning Chicago

First and foremost, stay away from any areas where a tornado is headed. If you are in an area that is predicted to be impacted by a tornado, seek shelter immediately. If there is no safe place to take shelter, lie on the ground and cover your head with your hands. Avoid looking up, as this can increase your chances of being injured by debris flying through the air.

If you are outside and see a tornado approach, move to a sturdy building or underground shelter as quickly as possible. Stay away from windows and avoid loud noises or bright lights. Tornado warnings are typically issued for specific areas, so it is important to stay informed about the latest threats.

How to receive and track a weather tornado warning

If you’re in the Chicago area and see a tornado warning on the weather radar, don’t wait to act! Here’s how to receive and track a tornado warning:

1. Check the National Weather Service (NWS) website for a list of counties in whichtornadoes are possible.
2. If you live in one of the counties listed, go to your local emergency management agency or county office of emergency management website and find out what actions to take if a tornado warning is issued.
3. If you live in a county not listed, but see a tornado warning on the radar, head to your nearest emergency shelter or basement until the warning expires.

What to do if you receive a weather tornado warning

When you receive a weather tornado warning, follow these instructions.

1. Check local media for updated information. The National Weather Service issues weather tornado warnings when severe thunderstorms are expected to produce winds in excess of 112 mph.
2. Tune into your local radio or television stations for severe weather update information. If you live in an affected area, stay indoors and avoid windows until the storm has passed.
3. Read and follow all posted warnings at your location and listen for updates from emergency officials. If you are in a potentially dangerous area, take shelter in a sturdy building and stay there until the storm has passed. Stay away from downed power lines and outdoor obstructions that could become projectiles during the storm.
4. If you are driving, pull off the road and seek shelter if possible. If you are unable to evacuate, protect yourself from debris flying through the air by keeping your car in gear and your doors closed.


As we head into the weekend, be sure to heed any weather warnings that have been issued for your area. A tornado warning has been in effect for portions of Chicago for the past few hours and is expected to continue through the night. If you are in these areas, please take necessary precautions and stay safe!

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