Westlifeindonesia2022 Com (July) Westlife Indonesia 2022 Concert!

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About Westlifeindonesia2022 Com

The Westlifeindonesia2022 Com concert will be held in three cities, namely Bogor, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. This show was held before the Westlife concert in Jakarta on February 11, 2023.

How to buy tickets for the Westlife Indonesia Concert at three venues, namely Sentul International Convention Center (Bogor), East Java International Expo (Surabaya), and Prambanan Temple (Yogyakarta).

You need to know a number of terms and conditions for purchasing tickets for the 2022 Westlife Indonesia Concert before deciding to buy.

There are also terms and conditions for the audience before and while at the Westlife Indonesia 2022 Concert venue which should be understood so that you can watch the show safely and comfortably.

Westlifeindonesia2022 Com

Westlife will hold additional concerts in three cities as regional shows, namely at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor (24 September 2022); East Java International Expo, Surabaya (25 September 2022); and Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta (2 October 2022).

Ticket sales for the Westlife Indonesia 2022 concert at the three venues can be purchased starting Sunday, July 3, 2022 tomorrow by accessing the website: https://www.westlifeindonesia2022.com/.

The following are the terms and conditions that need to be complied with when buying tickets and watching the Westlife Indonesia Concert 2022

1. Tickets are only sold through Westlifeindonesia2022 Com, Tiket.com, Tiketapasaja.com, Color Asia Live Offline Ticketing, Rajawali Indonesia Offline Ticketing, Otello Asia Offline Ticketing, Neutron Live Offline Ticketing and Margaria Batik & Batik Enom Store.

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