What it takes to be President?

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It is that time again. People are starting to announce their intention to run for the office of President of the United States. This of course means that debates and arguments are breaking out all over the United States about which candidate is the best and which one should win the coveted role. While everyone has an opinion, few people actually take the time to really think about what it takes to be the President.

The one thing that everyone does know is that in order to run for president, a candidate must be born in the United States. The presidency is one of the only political offices that a naturalized citizen cannot run for. Naturalized citizens will have to be content running for the office of state governor.

The age of the candidate is also important; candidates have to be at least thirty-five years old. Today thirty-five doesn’t really seem like it is very old, but when the rules of the office were first being established, the life span of the average American was considerably shorter than it is now.

One thing has changed. In the past, in order to be taken seriously as a candidate, presidential hopefuls really did need to have a strong background in politics. Most of them became politicians when they were very young and gradually worked their way up one office at a time until the only thing they had left was to try for the oval office.

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This was how the candidates gained the name recognition they needed if they were going to win over the voters. Most of the candidates were actually groomed to become a presidential hopeful from a very young age.

Today, it is actually possible to run for office without having any real political background. So far these relatively unknown people are using the internet to gain the name recognition needed to run for president. So far, these internet sensations have not had a real chance for the office, but they are drawing enough votes to defiantly sway the final outcome.

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