When will an asteroid hit earth?

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When will an asteroid hit earth?

An asteroid is most likely to hit the blue planet. There are so many speculations and other things going around, we have to concentrate on the most trusted ones, the ones that seem resourceful to us.

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NASA in this context has been doing an exemplary job, most of the credits, in order to get the right information, goes to them. The world owes them bigger credits.

This article will primarily focus on the speculations and will try to pick the main concrete part out of that. We are not endorsing any type of false speculation or unbelievable fact. All we are doing is to make proper research so that a probable theory can come up regarding this context.

Critical analysis of the recent reports

According to the dense research made by New Ultraprecise,  the subsequent data and reports show that the asteroid carrying the identity as Bennu holds a stronger probability that the chances of getting affected due to an asteroid is going to take more or less next 300 years.

This is a verified NASA report that definitely creates a believable approach. This report had eventually earned support from various other well-recognized organizations.

When will an asteroid hit earth

According to various qualified reports approximately four million of years a top round shaped rubble pile called Bennu has been moving ariu d rather has been seen to be orbited in the sun

Not every time it came under the sheer observation and scientific understanding that this asteroid is roaming around the sun, but NASA never left a chance to prove its existence.  The reports suggest that this asteroid happens to be about a third of a mile wide at its equator, which leaves no.

the immediate potential threat to Earth, rather it still seems so harmless that nothing serious can happen with its existence. But there are slight possibilities that some hundred years down the line this asteroid can actually slam into Earth, but reports can not ensure what will be the future existence of the Earth at that time, that is still doubtful.

Recently a significant news report has come in, where in the detailed new study that got published in the scientific journal Icarus, where the renowned scientists analysed the existing data from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to formulate a precise calculation of Bennu’s orbit and its future proximity, whether or not it will make its unpredictable presence to our home planet, the Earth.

The researchers then came up with a thorough understanding of how things will further proceed, where they have  analyzed the impact hazard between the time we are living and the approximate year 2300, which is the time for this asteroid to hit the Earth. The study subsequently finds that there is a 1-in-1,750 chance of a future collision over the next three centuries, which actually puts a question mark on the existence of this Asteroid since there are chances of this asteroid to hit Earth with a heavier force and the risk factor is here. Though considering the timeline the NASA researchers do not show that much of inclination towards discovering much about this asteroid as the time gap is pretty high. 

Here goes the best case analysis that will sum up the crux part of this, approximately all of the riskiest and dangerous encounters with Bennu will be seen to occur around this timeline from the late 2100s and early 2200s, where the reports and intense study on the timeline suggests that the impacts will be shown on the very afternoon of September 24, 2182. On that Tuesday, Bennu has about a 1-in-2,700 chance of hitting Earth.

Excellence of team NASA

This entire study has come into being mostly under the supervision of the excellent team from NASA. The team was mainly led by famous scientist and research scholar Sir Davide Farnocchia, a navigation engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He reached its revised estimate by making its focus on Bennu’s distance from Earth to within about seven feet at dozens of times between 2019 and 2020.

That accurate level of precision seems to be  like measuring and remeasuring the distance between the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower to within a few thousandths of an inch.


As per the conclusion we can say one thing that it is still about some hundreds of years for this asteroid to become able to hit earth. The timeline also suggests what an extremely commendable job NASA had done to come up with this theory, without them the world is still blind, they are the real guides for laymen.

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