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www. cabinasdeinternet .com

www. cabinasdeinternet .com: Various sectors recognize the importance of the Internet since all current issues are found on the Internet, and it is a tool that is advancing more and more, and, as mentioned above, more than one uses it.

I chose the subject of the INTERNET and CYBER VABINAS IN PERU because it is a very important subject since the Internet is a very broad and very important subject that manages to satisfy many needs that we as civilized people have in this globalized world.



The Peruvian Scientific Network: RCP installed the first public booth in the Ricardo Palma Cultural Center in 1994 and had 40 computers, 20 PCs, and 20 Macintosh.

It was born as a Community Access Model to the Internet that allowed anyone to access and use the Internet tools without any restriction.

At the same time, a training room was implemented where the issue gave a general talk – free of charge – and then the people browse freely for about 15 or 20 minutes.

The main objective was to contribute to national development, an ambitious objective facing three major.

Initial Problems

The initial issue is inadequate infrastructure, the lack of internet culture, and the need to provide relevant content that the issue could obtain through this medium.

The First Impulses Of The Internet

The Internet has developed in

Peru is based on three impulses:

The first was in 1992 with the constitution of the non-profit association called Red Científica Peruana (RCP), which brought together different universities, institutions, and natural persons enthusiastic in (T/I) both from Lima and from the interior of the country.

During this first push, the Internet was used almost exclusively as an Email tool, and the users were mostly people from the academic world and, later, increasingly from the commercial world.

The Second Impulse

It occurred in 1995 when the RCP achieved a satellite output to computer servers

in the United States, a facility that allowed

Peru to access other Internet tools (WWW, Gopher, FTP, Chat,

Telnet, etc.) at speeds never before known. , in real-time

. From then on, access to websites worldwide was available to any Peruvian. This technology was spreading rapidly, first among the academic world, followed, once again, by banks and the world. Business in general.

At the same time, in the world and Peru, an infinite number of forecasts, Cyber made essays, and speculations about the future of the Internet and its use.

The Third Impulse

It occurred in 2000 when there were hundreds of public booths for Internet access throughout Peru.

Since then, the operation of these cabins called the daily, almost pastoral visits to them by hundreds of thousands of young people to develop some communication via the Internet.


  1. What Is Cabinas De Internet?

    It is Cyber Booth in English.

  2. Is this a Religious Issue?

    No, It is not, but the community is taking it Religiously.

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