Combat Warriors Script, Codes, Wiki, Tier List, Trello & Discord!

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Combat Warriors Script

Combat warriors is a Roblox game based on blood flow and criminality. It was developed two years ago but is still played by many users. Are you also a player of combat warriors? If so, then you will get to know about a lot of things regarding the game, like script, codes, tier list, etc. So read thoroughly – 

Combat warriors wiki 

Wiki is a community that only some Roblox games have. Combat warriors wiki is something where you can find a lot of detailed information about the game. It is basically created to help players to understand the game better. 

Combat warriors tier list

Weapons in combat warriors are separated into three categories – ranged, heavy melee and light melee. All the weapons have different prices, and each has different abilities. So I have created a combat warriors tier list; this list will help you hunt which weapons are worth purchasing. 

Combat warriors weapons tier list – 

S tier

  • Weapons under this category are dragon slayer, bardiche, odachi, Zweihänder, colossal greatsword, glaive, RPG – 7, and dual cleavers. 

All these weapons are the best ones, and they are expensive. They have the most power. 

A tier 

  • The weapons that fall under this one are Bo staff, Naginata, Halberd, WarHamner, Trident, Brute Mace, Katana, Shikomizue, Dual Tomahawks, Luiyedao, Dual Hammers, Scythe, Cutlass, Mace, Crowbar. 

These weapons are easier to obtain and can help you win the game. 

B tier

  • The munitions under the B tier category are Polehammer, flamberge, shovel, longbow, crossbow, metal bat, steel sword, dual machetes, iron sword, and lance. 

B-tier weapons are easier to get and can also help you win most battles. 

C tier

  • The weaponry that comes under this category is the battle axe, great axe, war axe, longsword, spear, fire axe, dual hook swords, dual daggers, dual hatchets, macuahuitl scimitar, sickle and baton. 

These weapons have fewer powers. 

D tier

  • It’s the last category, and only a few weapons fall under this category. Those weapons are – Greatsword, golf club, longsword, Tommy gun, rapier and khopesh.

Combat warriors codes

Combat warriors codes can be used to get free things in the game, like credits or aether, etc., which further can be used to upgrade the player’s character in the game. 

But the unfortunate thing is that there are only some working codes available for now. You have to wait for some time to get the new codes

  • 320K_Likes – this code can be used to get 320 aether. 
  • 400K_Likes – you can redeem it to get one daily spin. 
  • 63MILLION – it’s for 50K coins.

Note – codes are sensitive, so make sure you type the codes properly. Otherwise, they won’t work. 

Combat warriors script 

Scripts are very helpful in winning the game because they contain various instructions for the game. Although, there are only a few scripts available and no certainty whether they will work or not. 



These are two scripts that you can try using. But let me tell you that your combat warrior account can even be banned if any scripts get detected in it. So be cautious while using the scripts. 

Combat warriors discord

Combat warriors discord servers can prove very helpful to join. In most of these groups, you can interact with fellow players. These groups upload a lot of information about the game. So you can consider joining them.  

Link to two of the combat warriors discord servers –

For joining more groups, you must try searching for the groups on google. There, various websites provide invitations to different servers, so you can join them by clicking on the invitation link. 

Conclusion –

These are the details about the combat warrior wiki, codes, script, tier list and discord community. I hope you’ll benefit from all this information. For any doubts or questions, comment below. 

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