Hdintranet Heartland Login (2022) Complete Information!

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Hdintranet: Technology has made our life easy, and one such example is Hdintranet. It is software that offers non-clinical support for different dental hospitals.

Many things like employees’ health benefits, tax deductions, and many more are difficult to manage in big dental organizations. So, to make all these things easy and manageable, Hdintranet, also known as Heartland, is helping doctors.

If you are new to Hdintranet or find any issue while accessing the service, the post can help deal with all such issues. So, let’s check more on Hdintranet.

What is Hdintranet?

Hdintranet is a non-clinical dental support organization that helps manage employees’ payroll, deductions, social benefits, and other things for staff. In addition, the Hdintranet helpdesk helps dental offices do their work efficiently and concentrate on patients.

The working of the Hdintranet is relatively easy, and they also have reporting tool to get graphical information. There are features that make it best, especially for dental offices. It is easy to register and avail of all the required services.


The Hdintranet team is always ready to help their customers resolve issues on time. The best part is one who has the login credentials can easily manage everything online.

Contact the support team if you are new to Hdintranet and willing to manage employee details with their helpdesk.

How to log in with a Hdintranet account?

Many dental clinics have already registered with Hdintranet and have a valid email address. But if any user faces a problem while logging in, the guide can help deal with it.

  1. Visit the official Hdintranet portal https://www.hdintranet.com/my.policy 
  2. As you have already registered, there will be an email address and password for the account. So, enter your correct credentials.
  3. Lastly, click on “Submit” and show the “successful login” screen. It says that you have successfully logged in to your account and thus carry out payroll and other employees’ compliance.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • The software is equipped with all features related to payroll, tax deductions, leaves and other such employees’ financial information.
  • Dental offices give out different benefits to their employees like health and social, so Hdintranet helps manage it.
  • The cost-effective software is easy to manage and is available for all you have login credentials.


How to change the password?

Hdintranet gives an option to reset passwords through their official site. Users need their email address or name to find the account, and a reset password is sent to the registered email address. Thus, it is easy to reset passwords.

Why use Hdintranet?

Hdintranet, also known as Heartland, carries out non-clinical stuff for dental organizations. It isn’t easy to manage employees’ accounts, but with Hdintranet, it is easy for all. The software comes with all the required features and services.


In all, Hdintranet is mainly offers services to dental organizations who find it hard to manage employees’ details. The helpdesk of Hdintranet comes with all required features and services that manage payroll and benefits given to employees. So, feel free to register with Hdintranet and save your login information for future use

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