How To Use Mobalivecd?

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What Is Mobalivecd?

Mobalivecd has it’s a development from Mobatek. The version of the Windows within this Software has a size of about 1601024 bytes.

If it has a .exe within its name, that means it is an extension file that can run on your computer. There are some cases when some executable files may have viruses and can damage your system. In this article, you will come to know whether the MobaliveCD that you have, is safe or not to use for your system.

How To Use Mobalivecd

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Is MobaliveCD safe for use? Or is it a Virus?

The first step that you need to do to ensure whether a certain file is malware or virus or is reliable or not, is by checking its location. If it’s a reliable application, it will have a path that states like this: C:\ProgramFiles\Mobatek\MobaLiveCD\MobaLiveCD_v2.1.exe

To check its path – you have to visit the Task Manager of your system. Go to view, and within that column, select “ Image Path Name “. If you find any suspicious file names, then it will be better for you to investigate further.

So, you have to find the location and then view all the details that are mentioned above. Then you can know the trustworthiness of the file, and help in determining whether you should run that or not.


Then you have to try to fix this problem as soon as possible. To delete this file loaded with a virus, you have to download the secured version of this file, which is not a virus.

You can enable the SAFE MODE NETWORKING – this environment disables any unwanted issue that is of concern to your system and loads only the services that are required for your system.

How To Use Mobalivecd On Your System?

  • First search on Google or any other search engine, MobaliveCd.
  • The first search option that will come- MobaliveCD– Run your LiveacD on your system. Click on that.
  • A page will be opened, now tap on the option called “ Download” located in the middle top corner of the page.
  • After the page where the download will start opens, then click on the button that will appear below- stating the download link along with its version.
  • Within a few minutes, the download will be completed and the system will ask you to run this to install it on the computer. Make sure that you install the secured and right version of the Software and not a virus from any other link that you will find.
  • After the MobaliveCD gets installed on your system, a pop-up menu will appear on the screen, which will have multiple options. You have to select among them the option that will state – Run the Live USB.
  • But before you enable that option, you have to run that software by being the Administrator. You can do that by going to the Downloads folder, then clicking on MobaliveCD, right-click on it, and selecting the option – Run as an Administrator.
  • After everything is done, the Multiboot USB will run smoothly after some minutes.
  • You can use the MobaliveCd to test the LiveCD with a single click. After selecting the image file of your liveCd, you have to just start it within the MobaliveCD, and then everything will be automatic. There will also be no need to reboot your computer.

As it is within Windows, it makes it easier to be used.

The MobaliveCd works well with ISO format disc images as well as CDs or DVDs.

The MobaLiveCD is a Windows App that has got its development from Inc.

You just have to be careful that you don’t select a bug file, otherwise, all will be very easy to handle.

You have to just connect the bootable USB to your computer or laptop, and after the installation, just right-click on the MobaliveCd, and then perform the actions as mentioned above easily.

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