Octurdle (2022) The Best Wordle Game Online Play!

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Wordle is one of the best games, and people worldwide love to play it in their free time. As players look for something new, a spin-off is introduced to make it fun and exciting. There are Dordle, Quordle, and many more to entertain people. One such spin-off is “Octurdle,” where players must guess 8 different words simultaneously.

The game is quite tough to win, so practice games are available to learn techniques. If you too love playing Wordle in your free time, Octurdle is a must to try. So, let’s check more about the game.

What is Octurdle?

Octurdle is Wordle’s spin-off where players must guess 8 different 5-letter words within 13 attempts. There are 8 grids in the game with different words, and players must think wisely to get all the words correct to solve the puzzle. It is a bit difficult as guessing 8 words simultaneously means you have to multitask. So, Octurdle has both daily puzzles along with free games for practice.


Just like Wordle, there is a different colour that helps players to solve the puzzle quickly. It is one of the best brain-twisting games which makes you relaxed and lifts the mood. Everyone must try out Octurdle at least once, and with time you will surely get addicted and wait for a new puzzle.

How to play the game?

Octordle is played the same as other Wordle games. But here there are some variations, so let’s check them out:

  • Visit the official site https://octordlegame.io/ to play the game.
  • Players need to enter letters that get placed on grids.
  • If the tile becomes green, it means you are correct. If it is yellow, the position is to be changed; if it is grey, the particular letter does not appear in the word.
  • Players need to scroll up-down to check where the letter gets placed and accordingly try to guess the word.
  • The hard part is there are only 13 attempts to complete the game. So, if you are new, try the practice mode to learn more about the game.

Which are the modes in the game?

The game comes in two different modes, which are as follows:

  • Daily Mode: A new puzzle is added every day, and people worldwide wait for it. So, one who is an avid fan wait for the daily puzzle to get solved.
  • Free Mode: Many players find it challenging to solve 8 different words simultaneously, so for them, the access mode is best. It is also called a practice mode where one can play unlimited games to understand the game.


Why play Octurdle?

Octurdle is a spin-off form of Wordle where 8 different words are to be guessed. It is best when you wish to relax from work and people even consider it a brain exercise. It also makes you learn about multitasking, as guessing 8 words at the same time is not easy.

How to practice the game?

Players new to Octurdle will find it hard to guess 8 words all at the same time. So, there is a practice mode game where one can play limitless and try out how to solve it.

What are the common letters to start playing Octurdle?

It is believed that starting with vowels helps to give a hint for the word. Make sure to play a practice game, which gives an idea of what type of words are hidden in the game.


So, people, who want to make their free time worth it must try out Octurdle. It might seem difficult in the initial days, but as you practice, one can easily crack the puzzle. The game has limited attempts to clear the game, which makes players think smartly. If you are bored of playing Wordle, try out this new game.

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