Xeno Online Trello Roblox (2022) Script, Codes, Controls, Wiki!

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Here to know about the Xeno online Trello? You visited the right article, as I’ll give the details of Xeno online Roblox and related stuff here. 

Xeno Online Trello

 Xeno Online Trello is a Roblox game that attracts many players. It provides users with many planets they can play in the game. Users can use scripts and codes to perform better in the Xeno online Trello game.

Xeno Online Trello

Xeno Online Roblox

Zeno online is a fighting game in Roblox inspired by Dragon Ball Z. It was developed at Xeno two studios. You can also follow the game’s developers on different social media platforms.

Name of the WebsiteXeno Online Trello
Available ForPC & Mobile
Article ForXeno Online Trello (2022) Wiki, Script, Roblox, Codes, Controls!

Xeno online discord

If you want to join the discord groups of Xeno online Roblox game? You can find various discord servers on google. So the steps you need to follow are-

  • Search for “Xeno online discord.”
  • In the results, links to discord servers are provided by many websites.
  • Look at which server you want to join and then join it.


By joining the discord servers, you can stay updated with news and many other things regarding the game. You can also interact with other Xeno online players. 

Xeno Online Script

The game’s scripts can help you perform much better than you were performing previously. Name of some of the scripts are-

  • ESP Script
  • Fight/Attack speed modifier
  • Battle Power checker
  • TP Bypass 
  • Auto pickup Zeni
  • No Stun
  • No M1 Cooldown, etc.

These are some scripts that you can easily implement in your game. Don’t know the implementation procedure? Here it is-

  • Download any Roblox script executor. Some are – Synapse X, JjSploit, krnl, protosmasher, etc. 
  • Run the executor and Xeno online on your device. 
  • Paste any of the scripts you’ve into the space provided in the executor.
  • Tap on “inject.”

Your work is done. 

Xeno Online Rebalanced

Xeno Online is a fighting game that is kind of a mixture of high-speed combat, planet exploration, and other things. 

Xeno online planets

In this section of the article, I’m gonna tell you about the planets in Xeno online game. Here are the names of planets available in the game-

  • Arlia, Vegeta, Earth, Lyra, Acrosians, Videam, Namek, Kais. 

Xeno Online Coordinates

Curious to know about the Xeno online coordinates? This is the section where your curiosity ends. Here I will mention the coordinates of every planet-

Arlia – 482496

Vegeta – 837234

Earth – 334235

Kais – 549395

Acrosians – 538241

Video – 174573

Namek – 726467

Xeno Online codes Roblox 

There are many active codes in the Xeno online. Some of those are-

1milapologyFree Spins (NEW)
10KLIKES30 Spins (NEW)
40SPINCODE40 Spins
7KLIKESFree Spins & Rewards
THANKYOUSOMUCHFree Spins & Rewards
30SPINSUPDATEFree Spins & Rewards
15SPINSGETREADYFree Spins & Rewards
BPBUGFIXEDFree Spins & Rewards
90SPINSBRAHFree Spins & Rewards
Sub2SenpaiCiroFree Spins & Rewards
CiroShutdownFree Spins & Rewards
30SPINSLIKESFree Spins & Rewards
BUGABUSERSFree Spins & Rewards
SORRYV2Free Spins & Rewards
1KLIKESFree Spins & Rewards
ACROSIANUPDATEFree Spins & Rewards
5KZENIFree Spins & Rewards
3xFREERACEROLLSFree Spins & Rewards

And the list goes on like this as there are many active codes in September. 

How can you take advantage of the Xeno online codes Roblox?

  • Open Roblox and go to Xeno online menu.
  • Tap on the reroll menu.
  • Paste the code in the space provided.
  • Redeem the code.

How can you get more codes on Xeno online?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for getting the Xeno codes. You can follow Xeno studios on Twitter. You also can follow the developer of Xeno online on other social media platforms. So, first of all, follow the developer. The next thing you can do is join the Xeno online discord servers. You can get every new update about the game there. 

Xeno Online wiki

Xeno Online Trello doesn’t have a wiki because the developers don’t feel there is any need for a wiki. For more information regarding the game, you can check its official website.


Xeno online Trello is a fantastic game that attracts many people. Users can use scripts and codes to perform better in the game. It has many more features that you might like when you play it. I hope you’ve liked the Xeno online Roblox information. 

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