(2022) Play Guess The Angle Game!

Rate this post : Are you someone who just loves mathematics and angles? We related mathematics and angles, and many people who like mathematics love to play angles.

There are also some people who are good at guessing angles, and they want to test their knowledge. Are you one of them who want to examine their analyzing skills regarding guessing angles just by looking at the given angle?

Yes?? Read further..!! Here, I will tell you about a fantastic game – that you can play and excel in guessing angles by looking at them.

More about the

If you want to play the game, just visit the website either by looking for it at google or directly clicking on the link mentioned here –

Name of the
Available ForAndroid, iOS & PC
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This is the link. By clicking on it, you will be directed to the website. This website gives you a chance to examine your knowledge. But unfortunately, you can only use this site once. 

You will be given four chances to guess the angle. If you successfully guess the angle, it will appreciate your skills.

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Want to see your statistics?

Click on the bars given above the angle. There following things will be displayed-

  • Your win percentage
  • Current streak
  • Max streak
  • Played

Distribution of all your chances. 

How can you share your score?

Just click on the bars and then on the “share score” option. After this, your scores will be copied. Then you can share it with anyone by pasting that score in the messages. 

This website also gives an option of “donate to Ukraine“. So if you want to donate something to Ukraine, you can click on that option. You can make one-time, weekly and monthly donations here. 

On one-time payment– they give you options to donate $30, $75, $100 and $200. If you want to donate more or less, you can do so. You are also given a chance to donate in your currency. 

Same with weekly and monthly donations, you can choose whatever amount you want to donate. And you can also donate that in any currency. There is no compulsion to donate in USD. 

Conclusion is a website that gives you a great opportunity to analyse your angle guessing skills. Although you just have one chance to play the game, and in that chance, you will be provided with four guesses. 

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